Thursday, August 25, 2011

Press Release: Animation Explosion, 3 day Workshop in Animation at the Nagaland Institute of IT and Multimedia, Naharbari, Dimapur.

A three daylong event to introduce young people in Nagaland to the medium of animation as a tool to explore and preserve culture began today at the Nagaland Institute of IT and Multimedia in Dimapur.    Titled “Animation Explosion” the workshop is providing exposure to a variety of artistic styles of animation, though it focuses on 3D.  Mrs Chanmayo G. Aier, (Advocate) was invited as the Chief Guest for the inauguration and a welcome address was given by Dr. Rongsenrenla, the Academic Advisor for the Institute.  “Today animation has captured our imagination” she declared, and she encouraged the participants reminding them that animators can command high salaries in an industry that is expanding in India because of outsourcing from Western countries where production is much more costly. 

Tara Douglas, the leading resource person for the workshop, was invited to give an overview of animation. First she explained how she became involved in animation and she spoke of the benefits of job satisfaction that an animator experiences.  She also pointed out that the first 3D animation studio in Nagaland has in effect been set up right here at the Institute, and she urged the group to make the most of the opportunity and to ask for a three month orientation course in computer generated 3D animation as a follow up to the brief introduction offered in this workshop.    Tara informed them that she had volunteered for this workshop as she has been working in Nagaland to make an animation film of  a local folktale and had found it difficult to find Naga animators to assist in the project.  She explained that this first short film is just a sample of what can be done with local resources, and she intimated that it might be appropriate to produce an animated folktale from each of the 16 tribes.  “Funds can be applied for, interest has been expressed for such a project, but we also need to know that we have the ability to do it.  A team is required for it”, she concluded.

Mrs. Aier recollected her own experiences and the decision of her peers not to go for government jobs rather preferring to become their own boss.  She also spoke of a legacy that the group will leave behind through the work ahead and instructed them to be fearless and not put off by hard work,  posing the tentative question as to how many would take it on as a means to express themselves and Naga society.  She explained that Nagas are still a young society, with previous generations engaged in hard agricultural work.  She expressed confidence that Tara’s association with Adivasis through the Trust will lead to sensitivity in the adaptation of culture and she reminded everyone that the Adivasis in Central India are in a more vulnerable situation than Nagas, who still maintain their land rights.  While Nagas can earn their bread through animation they should also bring some of their philosophy to the world through it.  Mrs. Aier reminded the group that of global competition and expressed her hope that more people come and share technology for the benefit of Naga people. 
Mr. Imtiba Pongen, a finalist in Naga Idol 7 entertained the group with a romantic song, and refreshments were served. 

During three days participants will have screenings of animation films made by masters of the profession.  They will also be exposed to indigenous animation films made in other countries and they will engage in practical sessions in 2D cut-out animation, stop-motion animation and computer generated 3D.

The Adivasi Arts Trust would like to thank local collaborators at the Nagaland Institute of IT and Multimedia for organizing a very successful opening day to the Animation Explosion event.

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